Club World Casino has Big Money Winner!

Club World Casino has Big Money Winner!

We salute this week’s lucky winner of $631,421, not only did she survive cancer she also reap big rewards at Club World Casino. Susan was playing Goldbeard and Mayan Queen when her luck changes and she ended up with much more than she ever bargained for. Progressive jackpots had nothing to do with these winnings, which were accumulated by continued winnings all the way to the top.

A life changing amount for Susan who has been fighting cancer for 2 years which resulted in heart surgery, today she is a cancer survivor and a big winner! The winnings from her lucky play is more than enough to take care of all her medical bills and existing debt and she’ll still have plenty to enjoy while celebrating life and online winnings.

When Susan was asked to comment on her big win, she shared that she would normally not win big, winning amounts she mentioned was round about $1000. She explained her shock when she managed to hit the magic combo and watched her balance took off on an increasing spree without stopping. Susan went to bed, and had trouble sleeping. It could have been from all the excitement of the win. She decided to play a little bit more, during this play Susan’s winning doubled! While she was trying to win the jackpot of $11,000 but bigger things was yet to come to this big winner.

She was wowed by this big win, she explained that she survived the cancer, but without this win she could not have survived the medical bills. A delighted Susan shared her future plans, in which she is taking her husband and daughter to Disney World!

Club World Casino, which Lucky Red Casino is part off, started operating in the UK in 2004. Their mission is setting high standards for services and products all alike. This is one of the few casinos still asking member for their opinions to better their services. This casino proudly uses gaming software developed by Real Time Gaming.