Hello guys and girls,

According to recently enacted European Union privacy regulations — the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), to be more specific — we are required to inform you of how we may collect and/or process any information that may have to do with you, the smartest gamblers on the planet, our loyal wolfs-hunde.com visitors, as you use our site. So here we go…

First and foremost, to be perfectly clear, everything you find on our site is completely free to you. We don’t ask for any kind of information, such as your name or email address, in exchange for what we offer. In short, we do not collect your personal data in exchange for the services we provide. This should make it fairly obvious that we, therefore, cannot give away, sell, or share your personal information with any other person, company, organization or entity, nor would we do so anyway.

As you browse through our pages we do make use of non-personally identifiable information in an effort to improve the quality of both the content we offer and your experience as you use the site. This happens in a completely automated fashion through scripts and programs running on our server and in your web browser.

When your browser connects to our server, it will tell our server what language you are using. We can then use this information to serve you pages in your native language, if possible.

We make use of a geolocation database that lets us know which country your IP address is connecting from. This allows us to show you relevant recommendations for online casinos where you can play instead of wasting your time with lists of casinos that won’t accept your wagers.

We use analytics software to count the number of visitors to different pages on the site which helps us to determine what kind of content is most popular, so we can try our best to produce more like it.

None of this data allows us to personally identify or track any specific individual. It is used to see more general trends in our overall audience.

If it’s a really slow day, or you just need a break from a bad run at the slots, you can read a more detailed explanation of how we may process visitor data below:

Usage data – We collect specific information relating to your usage of this website. This data includes the pages you visited, the operators you clicked on, your IP address, the referring URL when arriving at the website, browser type, device type, screen resolution, language preferences, time of access.

Usage data is collected through server logs and tracking pixels/scripts. The website also sends cookies to your system to enable processing of usage data.

Usage data is collected in order to improve the end user experience of the website and to facilitate the optimisation of the company’s marketing activities. It may also be used to aid the prompt and satisfactory response to user questions and requests. We may use the data to segment and personalise the website to you. We may also use the data to detect and prevent issues relating to security and fraudulent activity.

Advertising partners – we may share usage data with advertising partners in order to refine performance and mitigate the risk of fraudulent activity.

Service providers – as with most organisations, some of our business functions are outsourced to contractors, such as web hosting services. Any personal data processing by such providers will be only for the specific purpose required in their specific role.